Online advertising is featured within select sections of the Mobile Claims Association’s website. Advertisers who want to advertise must ensure their ads meet our principles. Advertising generates revenue that helps support the Association’s website hosting, maintenance, and ability to provide high quality information.

Advertising information and policies


Ads on the MCA website conform to standard sizes suggested by the voluntary Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). We accept ads that appear in the right-hand column (Medium Rectangle) and at the top of the page (Leaderboard). Along with paid ads, MCA house ads are placed on the site to help promote various MCA services and products that are of interest to MCA members.

Dimensions Accepted:
  • Medium Rectangle: 300 x 250 IMU 
  • Leaderboard: 726 x 90 IMU 
Formats Accepted:
  • JPEG, GIFF, or PNG


Ads appearing on the MCA website are directed toward claims professionals. Some pages on the website have been identified as not appropriate for commercial ads. On those pages, we feature only "MCA house ads" that promote MCA services. With your approval, we will include your ad in our monthly newsletter and social media page.

Advertisement Display

Your company logo will be displayed as follows:
  • Logo on every page of the website (Right-hand box &/or top header)
  • Sponsors page (click here)
  • Monthly newsletter see a sample of a previous newsletter
  • If your company has any news or announcements you wish to share in our newsletter, you can email us the information by the 1st of each month. 


  • 1 logo - $200.00/year

  • 2 logos - $250.00/year

Terms and conditions: Payment for all insertions must be made in advance. Once we receive your logo we will send you an invoice.

Email us with your request